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Add gapZEN to the project management tools your custom development vendor already uses to make sure you only pay for work completed on-time and on-budget

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For Those Who Know "3 Months" Really Means At Least 6
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Require the custom development vendor working on your project to add gapZEN to the project management tools they are already using to mitigate risk and give you more control:

  • Know sooner why a project is behind schedule, when it will really be complete, and how much it will really cost
  • Reduce communication errors with a single, mutually agreed upon scope, schedule, and budget at all times
  • Avoid last second surprises that leave you stuck between a rock and a hard place

gapZEN is based on the proven process laid out in Harvard's book Project Management for Profit. The gapZEN system works best for:

  • Projects expected to last 3 months or longer
  • Projects at external custom development vendors
  • New projects or projects that have already started
  • Fixed-bid or hourly projects
Project Management for Profit Graphic

Project Management for Profit Video

Watch this short video in which Joe Knight, co-author of Harvard's exciting new book Project Management for Profit, describes the philosophy and principles behind the gapZEN system.